estate jewelry

What to do with estate pieces?

I recently inherited several estate pieces from my grandparents. I’m unsure what to do with them?

The first step we would recommend is to visit your family jeweler to get an estimate of the piece(s) value. If you do not have a family jeweler, consider visiting a couple jewelers to get an estimate from each to see how they value the pieces.

Once the estimated value is established, you will have a better idea of what to do with the pieces. You might want to:

  1. Keep the pieces in the family and pass them from generation to generation. In some cases, jewelry comes back into style. So keeping a quality piece is generally a good choice.
  2. Sell the piece for scrap. Based on today’s market value for silver and gold, you may get a good return if the piece was made of quality metals and includes valuable stones.
  3. Resell the piece with an jeweler who specializes in estate jewelry sales.
  4. Reset the piece into a style more fitting to your personality.

In the end, working with a skilled jeweler who can help you make the right decision is what matters.

Remember, take some time to think about your decision before making it. Family heirlooms often come with an emotional story that you may one day miss if you’ve decided to sell.

Visit us to learn more about estate jewelery and your options when it comes to inheriting pieces from others.